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Arc Flash Analysis

Arc Flash Analysis

Trust one of the most experienced teams of arc flash engineers and electrical safety experts to complete your arc flash program with confidence.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis & Labeling

Electrical Safety Training

Arc Flash FAQs

Top 10 Program Mistakes

Electrical Safety Services

Electrical Safety Services

Our electrical safety experts can make certain your facility and workforce is in compliance with NFPA, OSHA & local electrical codes.

Electrical Safety Inspection / Audit

Electrical Safety Program Dev.

Electrical Safety / Arc Flash Training

Qualified Electrical Worker Certification Program

Lockout / Tagout Program

Electrical Studies/Analysis

Electrical Studies/Analysis

From arc flash analysis to power quality audits, our professional engineers will make your electrical system more safer and more efficient.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis/Labeling

Short Circuit Study

Coordination & Protective Device Study

Power Quality Audit

Electrical Infrared Inspection

Motor Starting Analysis

Infrared Inspection

Infrared Inspection

Infrared Thermography Inspections can help reduce energy waste, improve safety and increase uptime in plants and facilities.

Electrical Infrared Inspection

Power Line Infrared Inspection Service

Lockout Tagout

Lockout / Tagout

Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) procedures are required for each individual equipment by OSHA. Let us complete or audit you lockout program.

Lockout Tagout Procedures & Program

Lockout Tagout Training

Lockout Tagout Audit

Maintenance Training

Electrical Skills Training

Electrical Maintenance Training for facility and plant technicians and management to improve electrical system efficiency and safety

Electrical Codes & Safety Training

Electrical Maintenance Training

International Electrical Training

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Martin Maintenance Solutions Group. Optimize efficiencies and decrease downtime with our professional maintenance management consulting and skill training programs.

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What We Do
What We Do

Martin Technical is a leading provider for Facility & Plant Maintenance, Safety and Efficiency Solutions. We combine the experience of our staff with cutting edge technology and solutions to make workplaces better, safer and more efficient for the workers.

Whether you need to do an arc flash analysis, create electrical safety guidelines, develop a training plan or implement lean into your system, our team can handle the task.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation on How We Can Help You with Your Facility & Plant Maintenance, or Safety and Efficiency Solutions.